Environmental Awareness Policy

Statement of Company Policy

It is the stated policy of Century Facades to ensure that as far as is reasonably practical, no damage will be done to any part of the environment because of works being carried out by the company. This statement extends to permanent damage to ground, habitat and general environment as well as temporary works related elements such as the generation of noise, dust and such like.

The company intends to allocate adequate financial and time related resources to insure the proper implementation of the recommendations of this policy, and to periodically review whether such resources are adequate.

The impact of the company's work on the environment is the subject of review both within the company itself and individually on each of the sites where work is being carried out. The intention is to continue to improve environmental performance and lessen still further the impact that works have on the environment.

The company recognises the existence of environment related legislation and is committed never to breach either the letter or spirit of such legislation in the furtherance of the works.

This policy, and the targets contained therein will be the subject of review at company board level.

Whilst the prime target of the company's policy is to eliminate the likelihood of any form of environmental damage, it is recognised that resources are required to react to a breach of procedures and eliminate or minimise the impact on the environment.

The company does not use or generate toxic or harmful materials or indulge in such harmful processes that breaches would be extensive or catastrophic. However, the circumstances of any breach would be investigated, and the lessons learned from such investigations incorporated into the policy as appropriate.

This policy is reviewed annually.